Amatuer Photographer magazine ran a 'Best Wildlife Photograph' competition, with the prize being a Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 bridge camera worth some £750. It was judged by a panel of professionals.


The 'Saga' web site ran monthly photo competitions which were open to all registered members. The number of entries for each month varied widely, depending on the appeal of the subject.

Judging was based on the number of individual members' votes - there was no professional input so the results reflected popular appeal.


AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER - 'Best Wildlife Photograph'

Amatuer Photographer magazine ran a Best Wildlife Photograph competition, with the prize being a Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 bridge camera worth some £750. Here's the winning entry from ffolkesphotos . . .


SAGA - 'Wildlife and Nature'

Given the wide-ranging title, it was not surprising that this particular competition attracted the biggest ever number of entries.


ffolkphotos swept the board securing both first and second places - the only time this happened in the competition's history!


SAGA - 'Going Green'

fflokesphotos 1 and 2 won first and third prize. Only the second time 2 placings were won by the same entrant - see above for the first time!


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The Wells Lifeboat Horse

News Latest

October - 2020

This month sees  a third 'Blurb' book published! This one covers various DPG topics and my contributions to them. Printed on premium grade paper in hardback, it has a high quality feel and is a great coffeee table read.

Full details are here: https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/10334723-playgroup-a-journey-through-digital-photography


DPG - 2021

As we begin 2021, meetings are not possible and it is uncertain when they will re-start. So we have devised a programme for the first 6 months, based on members contributing to the Viewing Platform on the chosen subjects.

Full details are here: www.dpg-vp.weebly.com


There are links also to the basic photography course by Chris Bray that we ran last year and other useful contacts and links.


PORTFOLIO develops different themes and ideas - your feedback will be most welcome.

Stories of a devasting fire in Devon, the Wells 'Lifeboat Horse' and a visit to London's 'Winter Wonderland' are the first three. Watch out for more to come . . .


Watch this space for further news . . .


U3A DPG - 2021

Just before the first dreaded Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, we did manage to squeeze in a visit to Fakenham Races. It was Friday the 13th so most of us refrained from gambling, preferring to concentrate on the photo opportunities. Here's mine: Fakenham Races


Since then, we've been restricted to 'virtual' meetings and to this end you can find all that we're getting up to on on our Viewing Platform, www.dpg-vp.weebly.com


I hope you enjoy the experience.


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